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My name is Manola, I am your travel planner and founder of Kyme Tours!

My goal is to help you discover the deepest roots, people, and culture of this magnificent land, going beyond the simple visit, immersing you in the essence of your travel destination, by venturing off the beaten path!

An experienced local staff will guide you towards new memorable experiences, through activities and customizable itineraries, welcoming your needs and interests, planning everything down to the smallest detail.

I can't wait to meet you!


In the heart of southern Italy, Campania region offers several destinations and secret spots that will surprise you!


A wide range of unique and exciting activities that will allow you to connect with the most authentic part of these places!


Accompanied by an expert local guide, you will discover Pompeii like you've never seen it before! Read more


Lacryma Christi is a wine born from the fertile land of Mt Vesuvius and the gastronomic traditions of the region. Read more


Our private transfer service is designed to meet the needs of our clients Read more

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This itineraries exemplify standard travel models to inspire you. They are customizable step by step according to your needs, interests and budget. Plan with us your journey down to the last detail!

A weekend immersed in culture in this mysterious place calle... Read more


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Boats rental

Explore the hidden tresures of the Gulf of Naples aboard of our exlusive boats! Whether you’re a true sea wolf or a beginner, you’ll find the right boat for you, with a highly professional and attentive service to all your needs.

The perfect boat for those who want to enjoy the sea at 360° Read more

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The perfect boat for those who want to enjoy the sea at 360° Read more

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Quick and personalized connections at any time of day or night. Read more

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Campania uncovered: Travel tips, curiosities and hidden gems revealed!